SACRAMETNO (CBS13) – Governor Jerry Brown and his Republican opponent, Neel Kashkari, talked jobs, education, and immigration in their debate Thursday, which was heated at times.

CBS13’s Nick Janes was at the debate and has this report.

Neel Kashkari went on the offensive early and often.

“And then you threw in the towel, governor!” said Kashkari.

He called Governor Brown out of touch with working-class families, taking the incumbent Democrat to task on California’s business climate and Tesla’s decision to build a new factory in Nevada.

“We need to bring good jobs to California. Tesla is one of many failures of this administration,” said Kashkari.

Brown fired right back.

“What a salesman. I guess you learn that on Wall Street,” he said.

Brown pointed to the state’s jobs gains and rare budget surplus as proof of the progress he says California has made the last four years.

“People know California’s not perfect; we have our problems, but boy, what momentum we have,” said Brown.

The two butted heads on high-speed rail.

Kashkari, the Republican challenger who worked in the U.S. Department of Treasury, promised if elected, to cancel what he called the “crazy train” and put the money toward schools and water.

“If I’m governor, it’s not going to happen, I promise you,” said Kashkari.

Brown promised the product would happen even if federal money doesn’t come through, because it’s cheaper than new roads, he said.

The following exchange happened during the question about education and underprivileged children:

“You had a choice between fighting for the civil rights of poor kids or fighting for union bosses who funded your campaigns, you sided with the union bosses you should be ashamed of yourself governor. I’m gonna fight for the kids of California,” said Kashkari.

“That makes no sense at all. I have to — that is so false! It’s so false,” said Brown.

“It’s absolutely true, governor!” said Kashkari.

“No, it isn’t,” said Brown.

“It’s absolutely true!” said Kashkari.

“It’s false,” said Brown.

This debate is likely to be the only chance Kashkari will get to close the double-digit deficit he faces in the polls as Brown seeks an unprecedented fourth term as governor.

See the candidates’ answers to these debate topics:

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