Yesterday Pro Football Talk released their season predictions and out of their 6 writers, only 1 had the Niners making the playoffs.  Between the uncertainty of Navaro Bowman’s health, Aldon Smith suspension, the recent off field troubles of Ray McDonald, some key departures, unknown new faces, aging stars, I can see why so many are starting to write the Niners off.

Myself though, not so fast.  Of course the Niners have a lot of questions heading into the season, but to say they’re not a playoff team is silly, or at least in my opinion…but what do I know, I’m a homer.

So here you go, here’s my OFFICIAL playoff predictions for the upcoming season.  Official because I’ve given my playoff picks on air, and well…I forget exactly who I had.  But that doesn’t matter, because these will be the picks you can take to the bank!  You’re welcome.


Seeds: 1. Broncos; 2. Colts; 3. Patriots; 4. Ravens; 5. Chargers; 6. Steelers.

Wild card round: Patriots over Steelers; Chargers over Ravens.

Divisional round: Broncos over Chargers; Patriots over Colts.

Conference championship: Patriots over Broncos.


Seeds: 1. Saints; 2. Eagles; 3. Seahawks; 4. Packers; 5. 49ers; 6. Bears.

Wild card round: Seahawks over Bears; 49ers over Packers.

Divisional round: 49ers over Saints; Seahawks over Eagles.

Conference championship: 49ers over Seahawks.

Super Bowl: 49ers over Patriots.

So there you have it.  I know, I’m crazy…let the hating begin.  The 49ers will win their 6th Lombardi Trophy and once again reign as the Kings of the NFL.

Do you agree?  Of course you don’t.  Let me know who you have @LittleJoeRadio on Twitter.

Football is BACK!  Let’s all rejoice and enjoy.  Happy Football Day!


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  1. mjdarby15 says:

    I’m with you right up until the conference championship buddy, I’ve got Seattle to win it all. Check mine here

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