RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — A well-respected Bay Area principal was busted in Rancho Cordova over the weekend after Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies say they found him with an unconscious 21-year-old woman.

Investigators tell CBS13 they were surprised with the smorgasbord of drugs they found in a motel room with the unresponsive woman.

According to several websites, Dr. Thomas Woodrow Price is a seasoned academic professional with a long, successful career as principal at Branson High, a small private school near San Francisco.

“Needless to say this guy lives a couple of different lifestyles,” said Sgt. Jason Ramos.

Deputies say the Marin County man was found over the weekend at a motel in Rancho Cordova, surrounded by illegal drugs and painkillers. His double life allegedly came to light when a man called 911, saying he was concerned about his girlfriend.

Investigators say when they knocked on the motel room door, Price answered, and they noticed the woman passed out on the bed.

“When we arrived there she was in pretty bad shape,” she said. “It took officers several minutes to get her to a conscious and coherent state.”

When Brittany Hall came to, they say they noticed small baggies filled with meth, cocaine, heroin and oxycodone throughout the room.

Both were charged with possession of narcotics for sale.

Deputies were stunned when Price identified himself as the principal of the Marin County school.

“In his capacity as administrator of private education, this kind of lifestyle that we know of from the day we encountered him doesn’t really lend itself to his career choice,” he said.

The assistant head of the school would only say she needed to talk to the board of trustees before commenting on the matter.


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