SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A recent outbreak of measles at a Chicago daycare had us wondering if there is anything parents of newborns in Sacramento can do to keep their babies safe.

Day cares in the area say they can’t legally turn a child away if they aren’t vaccinated, but the state has made it a requirement that parents receive counseling from a health care professional if they choose to opt out.

In the case of the Chicago measles cases, the children were under the age of 1 and unable to be vaccinated. That puts them at high risk for contraction if they are exposed.

“We are watching our children all the time, daily well checks, when they enter and throughout the day,” said Julie Jenkins with Caring Connections Children’s Centers in Sacramento.

She says she won’t turn away any children who aren’t vaccinated.

“I have high regard for people’s personal philosophy and beliefs to not have that treatment on the other hand, it’s a risk,” she said.

Since January of last year, California parents are required to provide immunization records or a letter from a healthcare provider that says they received counseling on the benefits and risks of choosing to opt out.

“We always, especially now, we want to make sure they go to their physician, get good advice and make sure they are making an informed decision,” Jenkins said.

But some parents who have kids in daycare that aren’t old enough to get the measles shot are still concerned.

“I think it’s worrisome,” said mom Kristin Saldana. “You can’t quit your job and just decide to keep your kid home. It’s something we all have to deal with unless we decide to pass laws that require kids to be immunized.”


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