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Lisa Meadows is the weekend meteorologist for CBS 13. You can watch her weathercasts on Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 & 10:00 PM. You can also see her out with the CBS13 Mobile Weather Lab during the weekday evening newscasts!

Lisa has been fascinated by the weather all her life. She grew up watching Midwest thunderstorms in her hometown in northwest Indiana. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology with a minor in mathematics from Valparaiso University. She also obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

While at Valparaiso, she was the founding Chief Meteorologist for their college TV station VUTV, President of the Northwest Indiana American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association, and active member of the Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team (VUSIT). Part of her involvement with the storm chase team included a 10-day convective field study in which she chased storms across the plains traveling 5,626 miles through seven states seeing her first tornado!

Before making it out west, Lisa previously worked for CBS affiliates in West Texas and Central Illinois. She is excited to be out on the West Coast to learn more about predicting the weather in Northern California!

Comments (4)
  1. Radarr Gould says:

    Lisa’s enthusiasm and professionalism , and inner weather geek , are much appreciated. Usually you get one or the other. Keep up the great work.

  2. Chich Goss says:

    Lisa is definitely an asset to the weather team … . .. .. .. . she is so fun to watch and always makes me smile. .. .. .. .. Thanks!

  3. Arber Hayes says:

    She is a breath of fresh air. Is Lisa pregnant? She has been looking heavier the last two months.

  4. To Arber Hayes: Never ask if a woman is pregnant unless you actually see a baby exiting her body. 😎

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