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Damien’s recent updates

  • Damien Barling: Look Who’s Back
    The WWE’s week of shake ups continued on the Tuesday edition of Smackdown Live. Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya for the Smackdown Women’s Championship in, appropriately, Flair country, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Damien Barling: Alpha vs Omega
    With WWE’s monopolization of wrestling in Northern America the element of surprise, that once made watching weekly wrestling so much fun, is virtually gone. When Chris Jericho showed up in New Japan Pro Wrestling last weekend, that was very much a surprise, for many different reasons.
  • Damien Barling: Nov 9, 1997
    November 9th will mark the 20th anniversary of the most famous match finish in the modern history of professional wrestling. Referred to as The Montreal Screwjob, the closing moments of the PPV and the story that surrounds those moments has been written about and documented more than any single in ring moment. Unfortunately, over the […]
  • Damien Barling: #UnderSeige #Why
    As the WWE prepares for Survivor Series, the scene with the #UnderSiege segment from Raw last week created a few scenes that make this inter-brand matches frustrating and hard to take seriously. I realize I’m just being a negative fan right now but bear with me. Watching Mojo Rawley and Dolph Ziggler walking around and […]
  • Damien Barling: TLC Was “Too Sweet”
    This card took a dramatic shift on Friday when it was announced Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt were out and Kurt Angle and AJ Styles were in. Kurt Angle joins Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the now odd 3-on-5 match up while AJ Styles will take on The Demon Fin Balor.
  • Damien Barling: Smack Talk
    Kevin Owens yelling, “Hug me. Hold me tight” into the microphone might’ve been the best fade to black moment in history.
  • Damien Barling: Raw Observations
    Here's a few observations, thoughts, and opinions as I watched the October 16 edition of Monday Night Raw.
  • Damien Barling: The Shield Is Back!!!
    As telegraphed as the entire Shield reformation was, it seemed to get over pretty well with the live crowd. If Roman comes out for his match next week by himself and gets cheered, we’ll know this angle is headed in the direction WWE officials hope.
  • Damien Barling: Major Plot Twist at Hell In A Cell
    This show was built around the two Hell in a Cell matches. Neither one disappointed and the tag team version was nothing short of spectacular.
  • Damien Barling: 20 Years of Hell
    Twenty years ago this week marked the debut of WWE’s (WWF at the time) Hell In A Cell. While there’s been a number of fantastic Cell matches since Bad Blood (Lesnar vs Taker, HBK vs Triple H, to name a few) none of quite captured the essence of what the structure was about like the first one.
  • Damien Barling: A Difference of Opinion, A Civilized Dialogue
    I get a lot of emails like this when the subject of the national anthem comes up. My boss gets significantly more. I've been called a deviant, a racist, and my all time favorite is when we were told to "stop pushing our black views".
  • Damien Barling: No Mercy Was Fantastic
    Roman left, crowd cheered Cena in a scene that appeared reminiscent of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I’m now convinced The Undertaker is coming back and this send off for Cena plays into that.
  • Damien Barling: Ric Flair’s Greatest Tears
    No one can draw emotion like the Nature Boy!!!! Thankfully, the health scare he went through the last few months seems to be just that, a scare, and we’re not dealing with the emotion of losing one of the greatest professional wrestlers we’ve ever known. Ric has co-authored a book with his daughter Charlotte, Second […]
  • Damien Barling: The Brain
    Wrestling fans across the world, young and old, are mourning the loss of the greatest manager the business has ever known, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. Not only was he the greatest manager wrestling has ever seen, he was arguably the greatest commentator as well.
  • Damien Barling: The Next Level of Kevin Owens
    So, what is the value of beating up a 72 year old Vince McMahon? I believe this angle, and this match, has legitimate interest. Think about how this can come full circle.
  • Damien Barling: #ImWithKaep
    NFL teams willing to put inferior talent on the field to further their point of "know your place" is both disgusting and insulting to fans who pay their money to watch their team play. Owners have put their obsessive need for power over their desire to win football games.
  • Damien Barling: Pick One, Any One
    Rosters are set. Depth charts will be announced this week. Go ahead. Take a look and try to convince me.
  • Damien Barling: “See ya, Fourth Wall”
    See ya, Fourth Wall! Those are the 4 words John Cena uttered in attempt to get over what appeared to be a worked shoot promo with Roman Reigns. For those unaware, The Fourth Wall refers to the imaginary “boundary” that separates actors from the people watching on television. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was […]
  • Damien Barling: The Reset Button
    The 48 hours in Brooklyn following SummerSlam had a very “day after Wrestlemania” feel to it. Much like the shows following the biggest extravaganza of the year we got debuts, call ups, and storyline shifts. The 10 total hours of programing from Sunday to Tuesday have to be considered a massive success.
  • Damien Barling: SummerSlam Recap
    Considering the length of the show, the length of the highlight packages, and the frustrating outcome of the Nakamura Jinder Mahal match this was a very good show. The big names all delivered and the main event was spectacular. 

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