Parking Warnings Plaster Cars As Changes Begin In Downtown Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Starting Sept. 1, drivers not paying for parking downtown after 6 p.m. will get warning. But in 30 days, that warning will turn into a ticket for drivers who don’t pay to park until 10 p.m.

“I guess it’s a warning, cause they changed the parking to 10 pm instead of 6 p.m.,” said Katrina Diaz, who works on J Street.

Just around 8 o’clock, Diaz found a little surprise on her windshield: a warning for parking in a 10 p.m. zone.

“I talked to the guy that put this out and he said that they’re going to be doing this for a few days and then ticket everybody,” Diaz said.

Drivers have a 30-day grace period for drivers to adjust to the new hours.

“It’s good but you know what a month is not enough time,” said Steve Savage

Steve Savage lives in Woodland and he said he’s only in Sacramento a few times a month and likely won’t remember where the extended hours are in effect.

“Who knows where these boundaries are?” Savage said. “I mean I don’t know!”

From Front Street to the west side of 16th Street, the meters are active until 10 p.m. And from the east side of 16th to the east side of 19th, they’re active until 8 p.m.

“I looked at the sign and I looked at the bank of meters and they were all flashing red and I just hoped for the best,” Savage said.

But the new signs extending the paid period to 8 or 10 p.m. have already gone up. Still, even with a warning, some Sacramento night-owls don’t like the new policy.

“Pushing it out until 10 is kind of not so good for everybody that likes to come out and spend money in midtown,” said. Taylor Venn.

“I think it’s a little excessive,” said Jonathan Sivers. “I feel like if I’m a business I would want to encourage people to come to my place after work.”

Luckily, there’s still time to learn the new time limits. And for Diaz, at least she didn’t have to pay the fine this time.

“Yeah, I was excited because I was like I’m not getting a ticket and he was like ‘no it’s just a warning,’” she said.

Starting Oct. 1, parking enforcement will be issuing citations in the new time limit zones.

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One Comment

  1. Look for free parking at businesses that are closed after 5pm, such as state worker parking lots.
    Those “tow-away” signs are just for show. No one really enforces them.

  2. The good news is that most of the best bars/clubs are outside of the new 10pm enforcement zone. Just avoid the bars/clubs in that zone. Yes, a few of the good ones are in the 8pm parking zone (16th through 19th streets), but simply plan to hit those after 8pm. This is *not* the end of the world.

    One thing NOT to do: go back to the 10pm zone after 10:00. You’ll be drunk from the bars in the 8pm zone. And downtown is now CRAWLING with police and license plate cameras because of the new arena. Stay out of the 10pm zone, PERIOD.

  3. Don’t expect much mercy from the parking officers. The city makes far more money from tickets than from meters. And the city needs the cash to pay off the arena loans. Be careful about parking in driveways, fire hydrants, loading (yellow), 5-minute (white) zones. The officers will check those too!!!

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