By Macy Jenkins

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – The first Topgolf location in California opened for business on Friday in Roseville. It’s one of 29 locations across the country. For the people inside of the new facility, it’s non-stop fun.

“You just sit there and relax and hit some balls,” said Julie Allanach-Hemchand, who came to play with her father and son. “I like the targets out there because you can get a little competitive instead of hitting balls off the ledge, you actually have a purpose.”

But for the people who live just across the street, it’s a little more complicated. The venue is feet away from Highway 65 and a few miles from Interstate 80. While there is plenty of parking in the front lot, some neighbors are concerned about the facility bringing new traffic to their area.

“I think some people are worried about it bringing some not-so-kosher people to the neighborhood,” said Sara Fralick, who has has lived just off of Mountain Park Drive for a few years. “It was just a nice, kind of rolling hills open field which was kind of peaceful to walk next to.”

But now, she has an 11-acre golf-course just around the corner for her house and some of her neighbors are worried about future Topgolfers clogging up their quiet street.

“I personally am not worried about extra people as long as they are not coming here for parking,” Fralick said.

Bobbi Pack, Topgolf’s Marketing Manager, doesn’t think parking will be an issue. She believes that the long operating hours from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends will cut down on traffic bottlenecks.

“Our hours are so broad that I don’t think it’s going to cause any problems,” Pack said.

The best thing about this place: it’s less than a mile from my office,” said Rick Phillips. “Right off the freeway, it’s so easy it’s painless.”

Phillips and his wife Chemene Phillips live nearby and believe avoiding a traffic jam is all about looking ahead.

“Traffic on Highway 65 can get a little hairy, depending on the time of day, lunchtime or 5 o’clock,” Phillips said. “So if you’re gonna come, come early. Just kind of plan around that.”


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