Damien Barling: 10 Signs You Might Be A Wrestling Fan

In case you have never been diagnosed, here are the key signs that you are IN FACT a wrestling fan.

10) No matter how many movies Dwayne Johnson makes, he’s still The Rock. He’s still the guy who raises an eyebrow, drops an elbow, and really wants you to smell what he’s cooking.

9) The description “fake” absolutely infuriates you.

8) You have wrestlers theme music in your iTunes library.

7) You believe Mick Foley is the greatest author in the history of… Mankind.

6) You had a few too many at a party and started drinking beers like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

5) You’ve seen Doom, Tooth Fairy, The Marine, AND No Holds Barred

4) You consider the Montreal Screwjob a bigger conspiracy then the Kennedy assassination.
(Bonus, whenever you hear the name Kennedy, you tilt your head back and yell it a second time – KEEENNNEEDDY)

3) If you hear “Pomp and Circumstance” you instantly twirl your finger in the air, spin around, and drop an “Ooohh yeeeaah”. Or a “dig it”

2) You’ve removed at least one shirt Hulk Hogan style

1) You get excited when you hear Space Odyssey on a commercial cause you believe, somehow, someone out there, loves Ric Flair as much as you do.

(Also, when you hear Space Odyssey, you belt out a loud “Wooooooo”)

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