Frustrations Mount As Yuba City Teachers Strike Stretches Into Fourth Day

YUBA CITY (CBS13) – Officials are now stepping in after teachers returned to the picket line for a fourth day.

City officials are offering to pay for a retired judge to serve as an impartial mediator in contract negotiations between the district and its teachers.

This comes after the two sides met to bargain for 16 hours over the weekend and again on Monday without reaching a deal.

The Yuba City mayor says their goal is to reach a resolution so students and teachers can return to the classrooms as quickly as possible.


One Comment

  1. Gary says:

    If the city is willing to pay a retired judge, is the city already in his pocket? Get an arbitrator for out of the area that hasn’t been paid off.

  2. Milred Hayes says:

    Why are these these Teachers demanding such a high pay raise? they should all be fired and replaced. Who else in the County, State, Federal , City is getting pay raises like this?

    1. Gary says:

      They are 13% below the state average. The Administrators which do nothing to educate the students are getting 13% above thew average. Figure it out, your statement shows your ignorance.

  3. Joe says:

    These teachers are using the students as pawns and it is disgusting. This couldn’t have been done over the summer? Actually no because the teachers have all summer off and didn’t want to ruin their paid vacation. Replace every last one.

  4. Joe says:

    Regardless of whatever percentage below “average” they are being paid, they knew the salary before taking the job. AND, could have argued their point while not in school. Using our kids as pawns is a disgusting tactic. Replace them all-

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