There was not a lot of great things that happened during last night’s 28-0 season-opening win for the 49ers – in fact, if you missed it, the highlight was probably Kevin Harlan’s call of a fan on the field, accompanied with video from our own Kyle Madson.
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Kevin Harlan did such a marvelous job covering this non-football event, that it got me thinking: what else would Kevin Harlan excel at when it comes to broadcasting? Kevin Harlan is so close to what I imagine as the voice of God that we thought maybe he might be best served just speaking the Word directly.

From The Drive this morning, enjoy the new bit: Kevin Harlan reading Bible verses.

Hey, talking about the birth of our planet is easy, but what are your thoughts on salvation, Kev?

The request line is open: if you have more ideas of things for Kevin Harlan to read, send em my way.


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