Map Mix-Up Sending Hundreds Of Topgolf Customers Into Quiet Roseville Neighborhood

ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) – Homeowners in Roseville are concerned about new problems in their community since Topgolf’s opening two weeks ago.

“I will be happy when these issues are taken serious by Topgolf and management,” said Matt Armenta, who has lived on Granada Pass for nearly 10 years. “We have up to 200 cars per day attempting to get to Topgolf.”

He blames GPS applications, like Google Maps, for leading visitors looking for Topgolf straight to his quiet cul-de-sac near the neighborhood park.

“GPS said to turn into residential and it took me over here,” said driver Brian Tardell, who drove from Santa Cruz to visit the new facility. “I might want to be more proactive if I were Topgolf to see if I could fix that.”

CBS13 reached out to Topgolf and they said in a statement: “With Freedom Way being a newly constructed road, it has taken longer to register. The city has been working hard to help us get the road mapped.”

Still, Armenta isn’t happy about something he noticed on his surveillance camera a few nights ago. He noticed a car driving down his street. It stopped at the end of the road and then drove up into the park and onto the bike path.

The City of Roseville said they plan to install cable fencing around the park to keep anyone from driving on the grass again. Additionally, the city placed temporary signs in front of the bike path on Wednesday and said they’re committed to keeping neighbors happy and seeing Topgolf become a successful business here in Roseville. Now, the city is working with the property’s developer to build a gate to keep the path to Topgolf closed.

“There are so many things going on with this,” Armenta said. “We’re finding beer bottles on the bike trail and on the path leading over there. There’s fights, there’s yelling, there’s screaming.”

Armenta said he just wants Topgolf to be the good neighbor he was excited to see move in.

“We have a place where we can go grab a drink, go grab something to eat, my daughter loves the place,” he said.

A spokesperson for Topgolf told CBS13 that the director of operations is happy to meet with any of the nearby homeowners who have concerns or suggestions.

“I’m trying to be hopeful that it’s a positive outcome, that he takes us seriously,” Armenta said.

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One Comment

  1. Richard Butt says:

    I find the ignorance rather harmful … while i agree Top Gold can do something about it, they aren’t responsible for the mistake. it is simply shocking how many people can’t distinguish between “directions provided by a 3rd party” and “Top Golf”. sadly the divide between people who understand technology those who can’t discern it from magic has grown ever wider..

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