PLACERVLLE (CBS13) – Authorities are looking for whoever dumped some giant handmade mushrooms on the side of the road in El Dorado County.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office posted on Tuesday that the mushrooms were illegally dumped on a property in the Placerville area.

It is unclear what the mushrooms were used for or where they came from. Some people commenting on the sheriff’s office post are speculating the mushrooms could be from someone’s yard who didn’t want to pay for the dump fee, or even something left over from Burning Man.

Anyone who knows where the mushrooms came from or who may have dumped them is asked to call authorities at (530) 621-6600.

Comments (2)
  1. Gary says:

    Wouldn’t be less costly and make more sense to post where they are and they’re free to whoever gets there first or they’ll be dumped at the end of the week? How much money has this cost the city by having police investigate this, isn’t there more important things going on there?

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