By Adrienne Moore

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – When danger strikes, most people buckle under pressure. But two Citrus Heights brothers ran toward that danger and knocked down a fire before it could consume their neighborhood.

“They absolutely went above and beyond anyone’s call of duty. Above what a neighbor would do. [They] put themselves in danger to save somebody else,” said Capt. Michelle Eidam with the Sacramento Metro Fire Department.

Back in August, 14-year-old Max Minlikayev and his older brother Val saw a man pouring gasoline over cars, lighting them on fire, and then bolting from their Citrus Heights neighborhood.

When CBS13 first interviewed them, Max told us the heat was intense.

“I was just thinking what would happen if the car exploded,” Max said in August.

Within seconds, Max grabbed a fire extinguisher and Val called 911.

“They truly saved the day for their neighbors and their property,” Eidam said.

The teens’ description of the arsonist’s car also led police right to suspect’s home.

Despite these split-second, life-saving decisions, these teens remain humble heroes.

“I feel proud of him because it’s his actions really,” Val said.

“I really want to thank my neighbor. She doesn’t really get noticed but she also helped. She gave another fire extinguisher to take out the fire,” Max said.

The brothers say they’ve received calls and emails from people across the country.


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