By Adrienne Moore

DAVIS (CBS13) – Davis Senior High School is rolling in “DJ Eats,” a new food truck service that now has a new home on the campus quad every day for lunch.

And as one student says, there’s rarely a thing on the menu they don’t love.

“We’re making street tacos, we’re making charbroiled hamburgers, hoisin country-style pork ribs and all of this meets the United States National School lunch requirements,” said Dominic Machi, Director of Student Nutrition Services for the Davis Joint Unified School District.

It’s a project born out of necessity. You see, the cafeteria at Davis High is about to be torn down to make way for an $8 million all-student center.

That’s where the alternative DJ Eats comes in.

“I thought this gave us a lot of flexibility. It gave a really positive experience for our students,” Machi said.

With a rotating menu, students are given two meal options that can be modified for vegetarians.

For $3.50, it’s an option senior Kyle Qi couldn’t pass up.

“I got a chicken teriyaki bowl with brown rice. It’s a stir fry,” QI said. “It just tastes more fresh.”

That freshness is due in part, according to the district, to the restaurant-style equipment built right into the truck.

“We have a six-burner range with an oven that we can do different types of entrees on here,” Machi said.

Entrees that clearly make the grade with these young culinary critics.

“Everyone has been talking about it. Like, hey, I hear the food truck is pretty good,” Qi said.

In just 30 minutes Friday, the food truck cranked out more than 150 meals.

Davis High’s new all-student center should be complete by late 2017. Once it’s done, the district says it will likely use the food truck at elementary and middle schools and at high school football games.


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