By Jennifer McGraw

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A woman was robbed at gunpoint in front of her home – and she’s not the first one. According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, crimes against Asians are on the rise.

“The guy showed a gun to her and pointed at her and attacked her and she had no escape. She could do nothing at all,” said the victim’s husband, who asked that we not reveal his identity.

Back on Sept. 7 around 8:30 p.m., he said a suspect repeatedly hit his wife with a gun before snatching her purse.

“He pressed it on her a couple times and he hit her, see he hit her,” he said.

Not only terrifying his family, but those in his community.

“Most of the people that I work with, they are scared too because they are Asian. They are nervous, too, and told me we need to get a gun,” he said.

And according to the sheriff’s department, it’s a valid fear.

“There has been an uptick and that’s why it’s getting out there publicly now with Asian community, because we are seeing a rising crime against Asian victims,” said Sgt. Tony Turnbull with Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

In this case, the victim didn’t call police for three hours.

“She didn’t speak English very well, so she waited for her husband to get home to call the police,” he said.

Turnbull wants the community to know the dispatch center can help with more than 30 different languages – so don’t wait, call.

“I think a lot of it is crimes of opportunity. A lot of the victims that they hit are alone and it’s at nighttime with a cover of darkness, which is easier for them to hide or approach from,” he said.

As for the victim’s family, he said they’ll be ready for whoever tries to mess with his family and has another camera in place to get an even better look.

  1. Many of the criminals released early under the Proposition 47 amnesty for felons, will go back to their old neighborhoods. Including the ghettos that surround the Asian community in South Sac…a.k.a. Oak Park, Fruitridge, Florin, Meadowview, They’re looking for easy targets. And many Southeast Asians carry too much cash at home, but no guns…an unwise combination. Asian community, head to your nearest gun store and stock up. Let’s give the criminals what they deserve…an early funeral.

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