OROVILLE (CBS13) — A man was arrested after police say he shot at someone at a dog park with a compound bow and later terrorized customers and employees at a gas station.

John Wilkeson, 51, of Oroville was arrested at around 2 a.m. on Friday morning after officers spotted him at another gas station.

Officers say Wilkeson shot at someone with an arrow at the dog park at Riverbend Park on Wednesday sometime after 5 p.m. That came shortly after someone reported a suspicious person around the park with a compound bow.

Later that night, officers were called out after reports of a man pointing a bow and arrow at customers and a store employee at the Tower Mart on Olive Highway. By the time officers arrived, he had fled the scene.

100 5772 1 Police: Oroville Man Shot Arrows At Dog Park, Terrorized Gas Station With Compound Bow

Source: Oroville Police Department


Wilkeson was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a deadly weapon and a probation violation. A compound bow was found in his car at the time of the arrest.


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