By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS 13) – The man arrested for hitting Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson with a pie is out of jail tonight, three days after the incident.

“I went right up to him and I was like ‘Are you Sean?’ And he said, ‘Are you Knotty Girls Bail Bonds? I said ‘Yes, I am!’” Said Marilyn Young, Knotty Girls Bail Bonds owner.  “The look on his face was kind of like disbelief,  he didn’t understand what was going on like how he got out!”

Sean Thompson was arrested Wednesday night, after hitting Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson in the face with a coconut cream pie.  The mayor hit him back, leaving Thompson with stitches and a black eye.

“I felt some pressure to do something that I thought would at least symbolize and embarrass him and so I decided to throw a pie in his face,” Thompson said.

He told CBS 13 he feels the mayor has neglected the homeless and focused all of his attention on the Golden One Center.

Thompson now faces a felony charge of assaulting a public official and a misdemeanor battery charge.

“A couple of days ago when I first heard the story, I knew that Sean needed help,” Young said. “To be in bail bonds, you kind of have to have some kind of heart and help people that need help.”

She wouldn’t say  who posted the $100,000 bond, but someone from her company did. young was glad she could be a part of Thompson’s release.

“He gave me this huge hug, he was super appreciative of everything that I did and was excited to get home,” Young said. “I’m not condoning any acts that he did, saying it was good or bad, but he gets to stand up for something that he believes in and that was his way of showing it.”

But it wasn’t just a friendly face waiting for Thompson outside of the jail.

“We basically had a pizza party down there when we were waiting for Sean to get released,” Young said.

It was a different kind of pie for Thompson.  This time, it was a veggie pizza from Pizza Rock, shared with a few supporters and homeless friends of Young’s.

“To let him know ‘Hey! people care about you and you do have support from the community,’” She said.

Thompson and his attorney have scheduled a press conference for Monday, and the two are considering filing a lawsuit against mayor Johnson for hitting Thompson in the face.



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