STORYWill Californians Vote To Ditch Plastic Bag Ban?

(The information below was taken from the California Secretary of State’s website.)

Analysis | Arguments & Rebuttals | Text of Proposed Law (PDF)

Redirects money collected by grocery and certain other retail stores through mandated sale of carryout bags. Requires stores to deposit bag sale proceeds into a special fund to support specified environmental projects. Fiscal Impact: Potential state revenue of several tens of millions of dollars annually under certain circumstances, with the monies used to support certain environmental programs.

A YES vote on this measure means: If state law (1) prohibits giving customers certain carryout bags for free and (2) requires a charge for other types of carryout bags, the resulting revenue would be deposited in a new state fund to support certain environmental programs.

A NO vote on this measure means: If charges on carryout bags are required by a state law, that law could direct the use of the resulting revenue toward any purpose.


PRO: YES ON 65—PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. In a deal brokered by special interest lobbyists, the Legislature REQUIRED grocery stores to CHARGE and KEEP fees on certain bags at checkout. Grocers get $300 million richer, while shoppers lose $300 million. Prop. 65 redirects those fees to environmental projects, not grocer profits.

CON: Prop. 65 is sponsored by out–of–state plastic companies from South Carolina and Texas. They don’t care about California’s environment, they just want to confuse voters and distract from the real issue: the need to phase out plastic grocery bags. 65 is deceptive and doesn’t deserve your vote.

Yes on 65
2350 Kerner Blvd., Suite 250
San Rafael, CA 94901

Mark Murray
Californians Against Waste
921 11th Street, Ste. 420
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-5422


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