By Kurtis Ming

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A year after investing thousands in new kitchen countertops, a Stockton couple is not at all happy with its performance.

Marianne Duncan wishes they knew a few simple things to look for before they spent so much money in their kitchen.

Pointing to the spots on her counter Marianne expresses her disappointment, “Everything stains it or makes rings or chips in it.”

Just months after putting in new quartz kitchen countertops, now etched with coffee cup rings and muddy spots, is not what Marianne expected.

“It is a constant reminder that I feel I was sold a bill of goods,” she said.

Marianne says the owner of Tile Outlet in Stockton will not stand by the $3,600 countertops they sold her.

After making several calls and sending letters, she says that she never got a response from the owner.

“Very elusive, he has no interest in talking to us or doing anything about it,” said Marianne.

We invited expert David Kuhnel with Silverado Stone Design to look at Marianne’s countertop to get his opinion.

Kuhnel says the stains should come off with a paper towel and a specialized cleaner.

“I shouldn’t have to work that hard,” he said.

Even after scrubbing away, the stain does not come out.

Kuhnel says sellers should be up front with the quality of the material and how to care for the countertop and says consumers should only buy something that a manufacture guarantees for at least 10 years.

Marianne’s countertop did not have a warranty at all and was never given the name of the manufacturer.

Kuhnel’s best advice to people before they invest major bucks in a countertop: “Get a sample of it, and have it around the house for a while kick it around, before you actually select a material,” he said.

We stopped by Tile Outlet in Stockton, a worker said they no longer had the countertop in stock that Marianne bought, and admitted she would never recommend it.

The worker refused to give us the name the manufacturer, saying we had to speak with the owner. But our repeated messages to him went ignored.

Marianne is now pricing resurfacing for the year and a half old countertops but feels she shouldn’t have to.

“It should have lasted,” she said.

The entire situation between the product she was sold and the lack of response from the owner of the Stockton Tile Outlet has left her somewhat speechless on how she feels.

“I don’t want to say it out loud. It’s not very lady like,” said Marianne.

Kuhnel says that major manufacturers all give you warranties. He recommends not going with generic countertops or with materials you don’t know who makes them.

Additionally, consumers should also expect a pamphlet from the seller or installer on how to care for countertops.

  1. Mike Belk says:

    That’s a shame, that is supposed to be the thing with quartz that it is maintenance free and should not have to worry about those type of issues.

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