VALLEJO (CBS13) — A man who was struck by a car in a Vallejo crosswalk has died from his injuries.

Vallejo Police say David Cooper; 81 of Clifton, Colorado; and his wife were passing through the city on their way to see family members on Sept. 12 when they stopped at a business on Sonoma Boulevard. The couple planned to stay the night in the city at a local hotel before continuing their trip.

Cooper attempted to walk across a crosswalk at Sonoma Boulevard and Redwood Street when he was struck by a 73-year-old Vallejo resident in a Volvo. The driver stopped and remained on scene until officers arrived.

The crash happened at around 7:57 p.m., about a half hour after the sun set that day.

  1. navey says:

    I been down that area at that time, I no longer go around sunset because the sun will blind you at certain times, completely. Very dangerous, not saying it’s the pedestrians fault.

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