Each week on the Lo-Down, we discuss the best and worst from the NFL over the past weekend (to listen to Monday’s show, click here).

Well, here are some of my entries for week 3:

Best Week:  Minnesota Vikings, it’s tough to not say the Philadelphia Eagles but what Minnesota has done so far this season and what they did on Sunday was impressive.  The Vikings took out the reigning MVP Cam Newton and held the NFC Champs to 10 points in their own building.  Great start for the Vikings and another impressive win for Coach Mike Zimmer.

Worst Week:  Arizona Cardinals.  The Cardinals traveled East to take on a wounded Bills team and didn’t respond well at all.  Arizona was sloppy and got embarrassed.  They are just 1-2 to start the season and several people had the Cardinals as the last one standing in the NFC come January.

Best Surprise:  The thriving rookie quarterbacks.  Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, Trevor Siemian (not a rookie but 1st time really playing).  These guys have seen Hall of Famers before them fail many times in their opening seasons but so far so good for this trio.  They have all won a lot, and looked poised while doing it. 

Worst Surprise: Trendy preseason picks are just that, trendy.  One that I fell for that has failed so far is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  (0-3) to start the season and one really bad blowout loss in the mix.  This team thought it had a defensive identity with some good up and coming offensive players, but as of now people are falling off the bandwagon as fast as the Jags are in the standings.

Best Message:  The Monday Night unity ring set up by Saints coach Sean Payton.  All the Saints and Falcons players gathered in a circle on the field to put aside all things including their storied rivalry and show support and togetherness. I loved the gesture.

Worst Message:  The message that was sent by Odell Beckham in his first matchup this season with Josh Norman.  Beckham got frustrated and lost his cool a bit on the sideline.  Kicking net: 1, Beckham: 0.

Best Day for a QB:  Four touchdowns and zero interceptions just a few days after people were actually questioning him.  What is wrong with Aaron Rodgers?  Apparently nothing.  He got off to a fast start and reminded everyone, once again, to R-E-L-A-X.

Worst Day for a QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Six interceptions on Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs.  Wow, 6!  For a little perspective, that one day performance is more than the week totals for Rivers, Brees, Carr, Wilson, Rodgers, and Alex Smith combined.  That six pack is now a FITZPACK.

Best week 4 matchup: I will go with Kansas City at Pittsburgh.  This game features two teams that are (2-1) and we will see how the Steelers high powered offense bounces back.  The Chiefs do a good job of staying in games but with Pittsburgh adding Le’veon Bell back it should make for an even tougher challenge.

Worst week 4 matchup: It’s probably Saints at the Chargers but the points should be plenty so I will still be entertained, so I will say the Lions and Bears.  Yes, this is a divisional battle, but it feels like we are watching the JV and the varsity of the NFC North is Minnesota and Green Bay.


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