By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The city council meeting was nothing short of interesting between a dance routine, followed by standard procedures – and the “pie thrower” calling the mayor a circus “ringleader.”

With 23 items on the agenda, there was a wide variety of causes. But standing out among them was “The People’s Pie.”

“I’m here to support this t-shirt, I feel it’s very deserving,” said one woman during public comment.

Supporters stood by Sean Thompson, known for his Occupy Movement advocacy and now known for his Occu-Pie attack on Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Even with a 20-foot restraining order, Thompson used the meeting to address the mayor.

“This arena has been your circus, it’s been a joke, you’ve been the ringleader, you’ve been lead clown and that’s why I threw a pie at you,” said Thompson during his two minutes of public comment.

The meeting marked the first time the mayor and Thompson came eye-to-eye since the pie throwing.

“I definitely did have his attention tonight, but to what degree I could never say,” he said.

The 32-year-old admits he hit Johnson in the face with a pie and stands by his actions.

“It was about getting his attention so I could start speaking to him with his attention about the issues that need to be dealt with,” he said.

Mayor Johnson had no comment.

As for Thompson, he’s charged with a felony for hitting a public official and will be arraigned on Oct. 20.

When asked if Thompson would file a suit against the mayor, he said he has not yet, but it’s not off the table.


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