LOGAN, Utah (AP) – A Smithfield man accused of stabbing his father to death is expected to enter a plea in the case next month.

Attorney Bryan Galloway says his client, 25-year-old Shane Alan Hallstrom, will return to court for a plea hearing on Oct. 13 and at that time he is expected to enter a plea agreement.

Hallstrom is charged with murder in the death of his father, 58-year-old Calvin Leon Hallstrom. The charge carries a potential sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

According to court documents, Shane Hallstrom is accused of inviting his father over to his Smithfield home on April 28. When his father arrived they hugged each other, then Shane Hallstrom jumped onto his father’s back and stabbed him repeatedly in the neck.


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  1. Tom Miller says:

    My wife and I knew Calvin Hallstrom and lived in his hometown of Logan UT until just before his death. As you will notice, the police, courts and domestic violence agencies do not care about these crimes or abuses, which rarely lead up to these types of murder, which abuses are very common. The media, police and courts will not tell you the details of this case because it is the result of perhaps the most common family abuse – parental alienation abuse – which they ignore while helping to orchestrate it.

    This horrific form of “invisible” abuse is a scourge, very common and doing a lot of damage to children, fathers, all communities and our nation. It is encouraged and rewarded by an industry seeking profits and is empowered by promoting abuse in the name of stopping abuse which seems to be their least interest.

    The long string of abusive parental alienation events leading up to this murder inspired the victims’s mother to start writing a book on parental alienation abuse and it’s horrific effects. The media could have contact her for more details on the case and on this tragic and widespread abuse which domestic violence workers deny exists. Do they care? Nobody has cared so far. Most people have seen it, and many know the horrible effects resulting on the children and fathers.

    Others and I have found in looking behind the scenes like this is the key to most family deaths similar to this one, especially men killing their estranged wives – the abused cracks and kills either their abuser or the “abuser” they have been programmed to perceive, as in this case. these deaths are mostly very preventable, but only through allowing truth and demanding justice in these abuse cases where women dominate as the predators.

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