FRESNO, Calif. (AP) – Officials say the head of Yosemite National Park is retiring following employee allegations that he created a hostile workplace by allowing bullying, harassment and other misconduct.

National Park Service spokesman Andrew Munoz confirmed Thursday that Superintendent Don Neubacher made the announcement Wednesday. Munoz wouldn’t immediately say what led to Neubacher’s decision.

A congressional oversight committee last week unveiled that at least 18 Yosemite staffers complained of a toxic work environment.

It comes amid a wider allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and other misconduct among employees at national parks including Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.

Neubacher sent an apology email to all park employees days after the congressional hearing, referencing “some serious staff concerns related to Yosemite’s workplace environment.”

Neubacher wasn’t immediately available for comment. He led Yosemite for nearly seven years.


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  1. G says:

    Sounds like another government employee that was the head of something did nothing and things went South. He’ll probably keep his pension and get another job and do the same sh*t there.

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