By Jennifer McGraw

VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Drivers on a Solano County road are fed up with the pot holes and uneven pavement that have been there for months.

“It’s chaos out here,” said Betty Alcaraz, who owns a storage business nearby.

Vanden Road connects drivers from Vacaville to Fairfield and drivers headed northeast better hold on tight.

“The other day I was watching a semi going by and it was actually rocking and it scared me,” she said.

The work is being done by PG&E as part of an underground utility relocation project in connection with a new Fairfield Amtrak station being built nearby. Crews are relocating 2,500 feet of electrical wiring.

“We’ve completed the work that has been requested by the city and now we are restoring the roadway back to what we’ve been required to by the city,” said Brandi Merlo, spokesperson with PG&E.

Drivers feel the patchwork is creating a dangerous situation, at times making it tough to stay in their lane.

“They need to fix it, they need to do something,” said Wendy Schoberth, who drives this road often.

Since construction started she said she has had to replace two tires.

“Because the pot holes are so bad, and hopefully if there’s nobody coming, you can go around them, but you have to be very careful,” she said.

PG&E is asking its customers to bear with them. Weather permitting, they’ll have crews back out there next week.

“We really appreciate their patience and understanding as we finish this project,” said Merlo.

Construction should be wrapped up by mid to the end of October.


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