By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As thousands of people made their way to the Paul McCartney concert Tuesday night, businesses in the downtown area were hoping to cash in.

Typically on a Tuesday night, streets in the downtown area are empty after normal business hours, but opening night they were alive with a whole new energy.

Businesses from pedicabs to restaurants were fired up by all the foot traffic. Pedicab drivers say they’ve been waiting for this night; they brought in extra bikes.

And with thousands of people trying to find an easy mode of transportation to the arena, this seemed to be great idea

“Oh we’ve been nonstop. Normally were only out Friday and Saturday nights,” said Jeff Rembulat of the Rivery City Rickshaw.

That business boom was felt with restaurants and bars all up and down K Street who were hoping to double their profits.

Many restaurants were gauging the traffic and considering extending their hours based on the demand of the crowds.


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