By Angela Musallam

MODESTO (CBS13) – There is a development in the molestation case involving a karate instructor from Modesto: Police say nine new victims have come forward since Carlos Loya’s arrest in August.

Police also say Loya was a registered sex offender for committing sexual battery more than two decades ago.

The molestation allegations first came to light this year, when one of Loya’s former karate students alleged he molested him several years ago.

“He’s just been a very quiet guy.”

This neighbor has asked CBS13 to keep her identity anonymous. She says since learning about Loya’s arrest in August, she no longer allows her kids to leave the house unsupervised.

Loya’s neighbor says she’s afraid he’ll find a way out of jail and become a threat to the neighborhood. She says she knew one of his victims.

“The boy was frightened of the guy and cried not to go to karate,” she said.

Modesto police say since Loya’s arrest in August, nine additional victims – all boys – have reported being molested by Loya.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the Stanislaus County District Attorney in September, Loya was charged with 32 counts for allegedly molesting ten boys between 1999 and 2014.

The victims reported being molested at Loya’s home in Modesto, Loya’s karate school and even at a home where Loya’s relative lives.

A spokeswoman for the Modesto Police Department says, “typically with crimes like these most of the time individuals wait to report because they are embarrassed.”

Police say the boys ranged from eleven to 14-years old. Police also say Loya was a registered sex offender, but was still able to operate a karate school; the school has been shut down since his arrest.

“It would show on his record if he couldn’t contact children but typically that’s not the case with a sexual battery charge,” the spokeswoman said.

CBS13 went to Loya’s home Wednesday afternoon to speak with family, but they declined to comment and referred CBS13 to the Stanislaus County Courthouse for more information.

Loya remains in the Stanislaus County Jail on $5.75 million bail. He will be back in court on Oct. 25 for his pre-trial hearing.


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