By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thousands converged inside the Golden 1 Center’s grand opening to hear Sir Paul McCartney.

Sacramento parking manager Matt Eierman is singing the praises of his city-managed parking garages. He’s been monitoring live pictures of garages and traffic from his cellphone.

“We’re actually spreading out the traffic,” Eierman said.

McCartney concert goers reserved 2000 parking spots inside city-managed garages each night, some parking reserving spots nine blocks from Golden 1 Center.

“So we’ve seen people make reservations over on 14th Street, that’s quite a ways away from the arena,” Eierman said.

Inside the arena, one concert goer is concerned after he says he was injured sitting in the Golden 1 Center upper bowl.

“A person fell from the back row, on top of me,” Todd Harter said.

Harter says it took five people to pull a woman off him and his elderly mother. He went to first aid, where Kings employees gave him an ice pack and used a wheelchair to help him leave the arena.

He blames the upper bowls steep incline for the accident.

“There’s nothing to really catch yourself as you scoot across, just the next person,”  Harter said.

A Kings spokesperson said the organization makes safety its first priority, but would not comment on Garret’s accident in particular.

As for McCartney, a CBS13 camera caught him arriving by jet ahead of Wednesday’s performance.

He had not been spending the night in Sacramento.

Comments (3)
  1. Evie says:

    after sitting in the seats for our Kings Season Tickets… I too agree.. the incline is way to steep, and there is nothing (except the stair rails) to hold onto and to catch.. That OLD arena and the up walkway was wonderful. this place is missing that… at least our seats are at the end of a row..

  2. Put some nonskid patches on the floor, just like you’d do in a shower with a slippery bottom.
    Yes, that will look ghetto, but safety is something Vivek forgot about. He was all gah-gah about the super Wi-Fi and posting 10,000 instagrams a second. But he neglected basic health and safety in the design. Typical self-absorbed techie.

    Other note that KCRA mentioned this morning: everyone has to exit downward. There are no separate exits on the upper levels. That will cause deaths by crushing and trampling, if a panicked crowd tries to leave.

  3. Liz Garcia says:

    Yes, I unfortunately have to say that safety is a huge issue in the upper level. This was a numbers game that in the end will have a negative impact on the city of Sacramento. I attended the concert on October 4th and sat in the second level. Never again! I was actually scared . If you want to think numbers, if nothing is done to correct this situation, the number of intjuries will be high, too high.

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