LOS ANGELES (CBS13) — A candidate for U.S. Senate dabbed during a debate on who will replace U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Video from the event shows Rep. Loretta Sanchez ending her closing statement with the move made popular by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Dab purists will be quick to point out she may not have done a textbook dab—Sanchez does extend her left arm on an angle, but she doesn’t tuck her face into her right elbow, opting for more of a bowing motion.

The official video feed from the event only showed the reaction of her opponent, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who appears to have a hard time containing her thoughts on the dab. Viewers at home or online missed the moment live.


Wednesday’s televised debate was the only one between the two candidates vying for retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat. The campaign has been otherwise low-key, with the biggest question being when they would actually debate.

WATCH: Kamala Harris, Loretta Sanchez Clash In Lone Debate To Replace Sen. Barbara Boxer

The two candidates are both Democrats. California law recently changed how primaries are handled, advancing the top two candidates in each race, regardless of party affiliation.


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