MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — Marysville police have arrested a teenager over clown threats left on social media.

The Instagram post on the mozzytheclown account threatened to shoot up a school chosen at random in the area:

Okay Let’s Play A Game 10/7/16 Were Gonna Role A Dice And Whatever School It Lands On Where Gonna Shoot Up All The Kids And The Teachers Okay Let’s Get Started!!!!!!

Lindhurst High School

Yuba Gardens

Ella Elementary

Marysville High School/Community Day

Rio Del Ora Elementary.

The juvenile has been charged with a felony over the typo-ridden threats.

The threats are part of a nationwide hoax where people are channeling their fears into suspected clown sightings, while others are perpetuating the hoax by making up their own sightings of creepy clowns.

Marysville Police, as well as pretty much every agency in the region, have warned that the threats are taken seriously and serious legal consequences can come from those threats.

In other words, “It’s just a prank” isn’t a defense.


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