SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Throughout the month of October, you might notice Sacramento officers with a new addition to their uniforms: a pink ribbon.

It’s all a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a tiny pink badge of honor now worn by local officers who are fighting crime and breast cancer at the same time.

“This is just one very small thing we can do on our own to help promote awareness and support breast cancer,” said Officer Traci Trapani with the Sacramento Police Department.

While it may seem small, the contribution to a local non-profit called Albie Aware is helping to save lives.

Sheri Person says she’s one of them.

“After four months of not receiving proper treatment and having cancer left in my chest wall, I called Cindy Love with Albie Aware,” said Person.

Within 24 hours, Cindy Love, executive director of Albie Aware called back and said the organization would help.

“They were tears of happiness despite still having cancer,” said Person.

The local non-profit was started in honor of the late Albie Carson who was not made aware of the available technology to detect a relapse and passed in 2002.

“Her breast cancer metastasized to her brain and bones six months after she was told she was in remission,” said Love.

Albie Aware wants to make sure no one else has to go through this. Whether it’s testing, treatment, or even wig shopping, Albie Aware does it all.

“We are just trying to help as many people as we can,” said Love.

And they are — one person at a time.

Just like the brave men and women protecting our streets and our loved ones, “I credit Cindy Love and Albie Aware for saving my life,” said Person.

You can also help in the cause and pick up a pin for a donation at the Sacramento Police Department off Freeport Boulevard.

All proceeds go to Albie Aware here in Sacramento.

At an upcoming Kings game, Albie Aware will recognize a number of local breast cancer survivors, including CBS13/CW31’s own Tina Macuha. She’ll also emcee the event.


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