By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As more GOP leaders distance themselves from Donald Trump, local election races are seeing an impact.

Some voters say the top of the ticket matters greatly.

Rio Linda resident Coit Templeton was a strong supporter of Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, but now after the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress  renounced his support for Trump, Templeton feels it’s a slap in the face

“I changed my views just in the last few days,” says Templeton.

Carmichael resident Vince Damiano says “Trump is affecting a lot of local elections across the country, and more people are doing what Scott Jones is doing.”

In an announcement over the weekend, Jones said he can no longer explain to his daughters why he’s voting for Mr. Trump. He called Trumps comments about women in the leaked 2005 video.

“At best disgusting, and at worst, criminal.” He added, “This decision is what is right for me.”

As reaction poured in on Facebook, one supporter says she was excited to receive her yard sign, but now wants to rip it out of her yard.

Jones’s challenger Representative Ami Berra says it’s too late.

“If he had any backbone, he would have disavowed Donald trump when he was making fun of disabled people, or when he was insulting women time and time again,” said Bera.

But for voters like Damiano, his vote still stands.

“I separate the two, Donald Trump is Donald Trump, and Scott Jones is Scott Jones,” said Damiano.

Meanwhile, in the 10th congressional district, candidate Michael Eggman is using opponent Jeff Denham’s relationship with Trump in a negative ad.

Denham has since denounced Trumps lewd comments, but CBS13 couldn’t get a hold of him to see whether he’ll continue to support Trump.

“For these GOP members that have stood with Trump this entire campaign and now they’re bailing out, I think Valley voters will see right through it,” said Eggman.

While some voters are left confused, others just want to get back to real issues.

  1. John says:

    I would have a harder time explaining to my daughter about Hillary and how our media has become a political special interest for the corrupt Clinton machine. Daddy. why are there no journalists anymore?

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