A dog endured six months of nose bleeds and sneezing before a bizarre discovery.

Rex, the 2-year-old beagle, found some trouble chasing a rabbit into the woods. Owner Mark, says Rex came out sneezing.

“Most folks were aware that he either had these crazy allergies, or he is just not a happy guy at times,” said Mark.

After six months of sneezing, it took trips to two different vets before an interesting discovery.

“Knowing this had been going on for a little while led us to believe something was in there,” said the veterinarian.

A CAT scan showed a nearly a five-inch-long stick lodged in Rex’s nose. But after a short procedure to remove the stick, Rex and mark were both able to finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“He was just back to the dog that I remembered prior to this happening, which I had almost forgotten about. So yeah, it was an immediate positive reaction,” said Mark.

Believe it or not, sticks getting lodged up dogs’ or cats’ noses is a frequent problem. Vets often think it’s a sinus infection, but if it doesn’t go away it may be time to ask for a CAT scan or x-ray.


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