By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Big money is pouring in faster than you can say “Medi-Cal” for Proposition 52. The measure would extend the Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program in California. It would also keep lawmakers from diverting matching funds hospitals receive for accepting Medi-Cal patients.

In addition, supporters of the measure say it would generate $3 billion without costing taxpayers any money. We reached out to the non-partisan Legislative Analysts Office to see how the proposition would impact the average voter.

“It probably wouldn’t have an impact directly for the average voter”, says Amber Didier from the LAO. “From a fiscal perspective, the measure could provide potentially some funding for some local hospitals.”

So, as we ask with every proposition we look at: “Who’s Pushing This Prop?”

The answer: Hospitals and big-names in the Health Care Industry. Among them: Dignity Health, Sutter Health and Adventist Health.

Those opposed include SEIU and a group called “Californians for Hospital Accountability.” They say Prop 52 “lacks accountability.”

Big money has been spent on this proposition. The “No on Prop 52” group has spent roughly $11 million. The “Yes on Prop 52” group has dug even deeper, outspending that group by nearly 5 to 1.



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