SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) — California’s first dog is seriously ill, and the adorable fixture of state politics may not have long to live.

A spokesman for Gov. Jerry Brown told Politico the Welsh corgi underwent emergency surgery on Friday and remains in a Sacramento-area hospital. Masses were found in his intestines, lymph nodes and liver, and not all of them were able to be removed. Biopsies were performed to see if they were cancerous, but the results aren’t in yet.

Spokesman Evan Westrup says the Browns are awaiting biopsy results but “the prognosis is likely to be very poor.”

Sutter Brown celebrated his 13th birthday in September. He has been a big political figure on Twitter, racking up nearly 10,000 followers while sharing the ruff life of being a first pet.

Gov. Brown adopted another corgi, this one mixed with a border collie, Colusa Brown about a year and a half ago.


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