SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We now know who received the City of Sacramento’s free luxury suite tickets to the two Paul McCartney concerts at the new Golden 1 Center.

Sacramento paid $233 million to build the new arena, and in exchange City Hall got 25 free tickets and has the rights to purchase seven additional tickets at each event.

City records show Mayor Kevin Johnson got a free ticket, along with current councilmembers Rick Jennings and Larry Carr.

Retired councilman Steve Cohn and retired city treasurer Russ Fehr were also given tickets, along with city clerk Shirley Concolino, assistant city managers Howard Chan and John Dangberg and several other staff in the offices of the city attorney, city manager, and city clerk.

City councilmembers Jeff Harris and Jay Schenirer chose to purchase tickets, which were valued at $300 each.

Records show tickets for Paul McCartney’s second night were given away to the Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy.

Comments (6)
  1. G says:

    The taxpayers get burdened on this scam. And the politicians are getting free tickets, figures. Are they getting free tickets for every concert or event or just the first one with Paul?

  2. Mark says:

    Absolutely shocking that our humble and oh so honest mayor got a ticket along with other city officials. Too bad some body at the show didn’t have a pie to “give” to the mayor !

  3. Several in the upper decks paid for their tickets, and PAID for their trips to the hospital from the unsafe construction. Is that why Kaiser is moving its hospital downtown? To bring doctors closer to the injuries at the arena?

  4. re: “Sacramento paid $233 million to build the new arena”
    Kings arena bond sale: $272.9 million in bonds, 35 year term, 5.67% interest rate
    Monthly Principal & Interest: $1,496,046
    Number of Payments: 420
    Total Payments:$628,339,469
    Original Loan Amount: $272,900,000

    1. G says:

      Like I said the big scam put on the public my the child molester.

  5. gary simon says:

    Let’s see how many minority organizations get tickets specifically Black organizations’

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