DAVIS (CBS13) – The interim chancellor at UC Davis released a troubling campus-wide email over the weekend.

The email says there are serious allegations about women being sexually assaulted on campus.

At this point, school officials are not saying how many sexual assaults have occurred or even a timeline. However, they do confirm the sexual assaults have not only occurred on campus but off-campus as well.

Aleyeh and Kristina are freshmen on the at UC Davis tennis team. They’re quite aware of the warning.

“I don’t go out past 12 on weekdays,” Aleyeh said.

The statement from interim chancellor Ralph Hexter reads, in part: “Serious allegations about women being sexually assaulted on or near campus have come to my attention. The serious nature of these allegations leave me deeply concerned.”

However, school officials are refusing to reveal the number of sexual assaults or when they occurred.

“Well, we’re always concerned about sexual assaults and sexual violence,” said UC Davis spokesperson Andy Fell. “Unfortunately I can’t speak to the details or specific incidents.”

They say it’s to protect the victims. But it’s more than one.

“We do know it’s a crime that is under reported,” Fell said.

School officials say it takes a team effort to stay safe on and off campus. There’s safety in numbers, and police encourage students to report anything suspicious.

“I have a late night class that ends at 7:30, but I have friends and we bike home together,” Kristina said.

Rules Kristina and Aleyeh play by on and off the court.

UC Davis school officials have created a website addressing sexual assaults on campus: http://sexualviolence.ucdavis.edu/


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