By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local female attorney is claiming victory in a federal lawsuit against Sacramento County.

A judge approved a settlement after attorney Sage Kaveny sued, when deputies banned her from attorney-client meetings at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility.

They accused her of taking her clothes off for the inmate.

Video of that meeting does not show her doing that.

“You look at the video and there’s just nothing going on,” Kaveny’s attorney Stewart Katz said. “She’s doing her job as a lawyer.”

The video shows Kaveny on the left and her client on the right, separated by a glass partition. Deputies said this was the meeting where Kaveny took off her clothes.

Video only shows her briefly stretching and stepping out of frame.

“And most tellingly you can see the client she’s talking to and all he’s doing is looking at the papers. He’s interested in his case.”

In another wild twist, the Sacramento Bee reported deputies may have been suspicious after receiving emails alleging Kaveny had a relationship with Troy Stratos – the convicted con-man who stole millions from Eddie Murphy’s ex wife.

According to Kaveny’s attorney, she just sent him chocolate chips.

“[She] had chocolate chips sent to the El Dorado County Jail for their annual chocolate cookie competition,” Katz said.

In their settlement, Kaveny will receive $45,000 and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department agreed to change its policy on policing attorney-inmate meetings.


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