By Drew Bollea

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva is no longer facing a felony charge. An Amador County judge granted a motion to reduce Silva’s felony charge to a misdemeanor on Tuesday.

“The heart of the case is gone. It’s disappeared,” said Allen Sawyer, Silva’s attorney.

Sawyer says this is a big win for Silva’s legal team and campaign.

“We felt so strongly that we had to get this in front of the public before an election,” said Sawyer.

Silva is now charged with only misdemeanor crimes. They include recording an apparent game of strip poker with teenagers and providing alcohol to minors. The charges stem from his youth camp in Amador County last year.

“There was no felony charges. We think the allegations are absolutely ridiculous, they’re silly, they’re 14 months old,” said Silva.

Silva, who was booked into jail and released back in August, says he’ll be vindicated of any wrong doing.

“One hurdle that’s overcome,” said Silva, “and so for now I can get back to work.”

“I don’t think it’s a win for anyone,” said Michael Tubbs, “It’s sad for the city- again, it’s in the news.”

Tubbs is a current city councilman as Silva’s opponent in the November election. He also had his share of past legal troubles. Tubbs was convicted of a DUI in 2014.

Still, Tubbs won the primary election by eight points and has picked up millions of dollars in campaign donations from people in and out of Stockton.

“I’m proud of the support we have. From Stockton residence first and foremost but also the rest of the nation,” said Tubbs.

Silva says he sees a problem when special interests back a candidate.

“People are going to be asking for favors for the money they gave him and that will compromise his ability to lead,” explained Silva.

As pressure mounts, campaigning continues with only weeks until the deciding vote.

Silva’s next court date will be after the election on Dec. 2. He could face fines and citations for his remaining charges.

  1. G says:

    Looks like the fix was in by dropping the felony charges. I hope these people are smart enough not to vote a POS like this into office, we have the same situation for POTUS.

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