By Angela Musallam

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A wanted parolee out of Sacramento led police on a chase through the city, then holed himself up inside a warehouse in East Sacramento.

Police say it happened just after 5 p.m. Monday.

An ex-girlfriend of 29-year-old Manuel Vasquez first called police to report he was driving a stolen car.

“They were saying get back in the house, the helicopter was saying get inside and lock your doors and windows.”

It was a terrifying experience for Rachel Matuskey, who lives next to the Alsco warehouse where Vasquez hid from police for almost ten hours.

“Nothing like that has ever happened here,” Matuskey said.

The entire neighborhood surrounding Alsco went into lockdown Monday evening, including Herself Moms yoga studio just a few doors down.

“There was about 15 of us that got inside,” said yoga studio owner Julie Hurst.

Hurst says she corralled all the moms inside as fast as she could. She says the ordeal forced her to she cancel her evening yoga class.

“We just closed up and left,” Hurst said.

Vasquez has an extensive criminal history that goes back to 2005.

Court records show Vasquez violated his parole several times and was most recently on parole for making criminal threats to cause great bodily injury or death.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, there was a warrant issued nationwide for Vasquez on October 13th.

“We called out a number of these specialty teams; SWAT, hostage negotiations, K-9 officers, our helicopter, even the bomb squad came out,” said Officer Matt McPhail with Sacramento Police.

McPhail says the department called out an extensive number of resources because they believed Vasquez was armed.

Dozens of officers flooded into the warehouse and around the neighborhood to search for Vasquez Monday night.

Police say they found Vasquez around 3 a.m. Tuesday hiding in the warehouse, up in the rafters.

Looking back, Rachel says she’s thankful Vasquez didn’t leave the warehouse and put her family and neighbors in harm’s way.

“I am so thankful no one was hurt,” she said.

Vasquez is still at the Sacramento County Jail on a parole hold. He’s facing several charges including evading and resisting a police officer, car theft and violating parole.


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