CANNON BALL, N.D. (CBS13) — A Northern California-based journalist and activist captured the moment she was shot by a rubber bullet while covering the protests at Standing Rock.

Erin Schrode, a Marin County resident, was interviewing a protester at Standing Rock. A line of police in riot gear can be seen standing across the water from where Schrode was doing her interview.

Suddenly, a pop can be heard in the video and Schrode falls to the ground.

Video below. Warning: Strong language

It is unclear where the shot came from.

Schrode later wrote a Facebook post describing the incident in detail.

“I was shot at pointblank range, dozens were maced and pepper sprayed in the face, hundreds faced freezing waters,” Schode wrote. “There were no arrests or deaths and I will be okay physically, but the safety and wellbeing of many peoples and lands remain in danger, for present and future generations.”

Hundreds of clergy members from various faiths joined the protests in Standing Rock on Thursday.

  1. Considering what our government has done to the Native American Indians from the get go, you’re lucky to be alive.

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