Another not-so-fun week in Kingsland is coming to a close. The road trip had games that should’ve been won, there was an alleged nightclub brawl involving Matt Barnes, and there was even a game canceled due to ice and water and slippery stuff.

So in other words, just another week for the Kings.

There’s a lot to get to, so I’ll just dig into the biggest story:

Matt Barnes and the Nightclub of Buttbumps

I want to like Matt Barnes.

I’m partial to anyone from Sacramento, and full disclosure – every time I’ve ever dealt with the man he’s been polite and easy going. Personally, I do like the guy. But from a Kings fan point of view, its tough. You know that meme with Kermit looking at Kermit in the Star Wars Emperor hood? I feel like that’s how I feel about Matt Barnes.

evil kermit the frog meme dark side Carmichael Dave: I Want To Like Matt Barnes

Kermit: “He’s a veteran leader, and tough as nails”

Evil Kermit: “He puts out videos of him drinking Hennessey after games and finds trouble way too often.”

Kermit: “He’s helping keep Demarcus calm by having his back on the floor. Also good chemistry builder off the floor.”

Evil Kermit: “Dude he brought him to that nightclub and helped put him in a bad spot.”

Kermit: “He’s from Sacramento!”

Evil Kermit: “He erased his ‘Sactown’s Finest’ tattoo dude!”

Yeah. Not easy.

I sincerely hope, for all parties involved, Barnes is exonerated and nothing other than a misunderstanding went down in NYC. But with the past being the past, its sure tough to buy that.

I know these are grown men who have every right to do what they want, but I’d be lying if part of me didn’t  admit to cringing at Kings players being at a nightclub that late during the season.

Really, does anything good happen at nightclubs after midnight?


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