We’ve all seen this guy down at the rec center. Or maybe you played with him at school. Hell, maybe you were him: that dude that’s here to let you know that it’s not just any defense that wins championships – it’s HIS defense on THIS PLAY, RIGHT NOW.

Take a look at the ol’ Captain of Team Try-Hard here:

Notice how he makes sure to deflect some of the blame to his shoes. Like a baseball player that checks his glove for holes after making an error or a kid that craps his pants in middle school and tries to convince everyone that the smell is normal, in fact actually kind of cool, and that’s what he meant to smell like.

Dude isn’t fooling anyone. You got broke, take the L.

There’s some old saying about getting back on the horse after it bucks you off, or something to that effect. The lesson here: if the horse bucks you off, maybe you should stop bothering the damn horse.


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