By Drew Bollea

TRUCKEE (CBS13) — The lights are back on in downtown Truckee. The entire town had been without power for more than 12 hours before most of it was restored by noon on Wednesday.

“A solid dumping of snow,” said one man, describing the weather the last 48 hours.

Buried under feet of snow, people in Truckee are digging out.

“I’ve lived here in Truckee for eight years and I’ve never seen anything this bad,” said Matt Eastman.

More than six feet of snow fell in the last three days. Eastman had his power out for hours. It has since come back on. He made a trip to town on Tuesday night for supplies.

“There was just nobody out. It was dark and dead and you know the storm was just raging,” said Eastman.

Around 10 p.m., a large tree fell and knocked out a main transmitter, which blacked out power to all 13,000 customers in the Truckee Donner District. The wet heavy snow and powerful winds caused severe damage.

“The transmission outage was widespread,” said Steven Poncelet with Truckee Donner Utility District.

He says about 2,500 customers are still without power. Not all will be restored by Thursday morning.

“We have a lot of trees on wires. We have a lot of trees on facilities, and we’re having to clear those out before we can restore power,” said Poncelet.

As people are stocking up, some supplies are running low.

Some gas stations are out of regular gasoline until deliveries can be made.

Nolando Laroche lives outside of truckee and has been without power for two days. He said he’s using generators to survive.

He’s been busy staying ahead of the falling snow and keeping a positive mindset.

“Beer is being kept cold by the snow,” said Laroche with a laugh, “because the refrigerator ain’t working.”

Utility crews are working to get power restored to all of the Truckee Donner District.

Interstate 80 was reopened on Wednesday afternoon.

Truckee police say they’ve had no weather-related deaths or serious injuries.


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