CBS Local– It’s that time of year again: tax refund season. Whilst stressful, it’s a chance to get some money back into your bank account. If that happens, the first question is how do you spend your tax refund?

Last year, the average tax refund was $2,860 according to GoBankingRates. Everyone could use an extra $2,860.

In GoBankingRates’ survey, 41% of participants responsibly put the money into their savings account. Coming in a close second place at 38%, another responsible decision of paying off debt was the move. Well down the list was splurging on a purchase, 5%, and making a major purchase, 5%.

Via GoBankingRates

The research is derived from a survey asking participants what they delegated their tax refund to. Two of the options included “I didn’t get a tax refund” and “none of the above”, and the data in the images excluded those answers.

They crunched more numbers, too, and showed the breakdown by age. Their findings is that college age students are most likely to put the money in their savings. Least likely is the demographic just after college aged students, but they were most likely to use the refund to pay off debts, likely accrued from college. Those eligible for social security are most likely to put the money towards a vacation.

Via GoBankingRates

What are you going to with your tax refund if you get one this year?