By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — She’s a Mexican-born mom living in Sacramento with her three U.S. born children.

Her face is blurred to protect her identity.

But she says, there’s no hiding the fact that she may be forced to leave the country she grew up in.

“It doesn’t matter that I speak perfectly good English. That I went to school here. That I have my kids here—It doesn’t matter—and that’s what sad. That my children, as American citizens, would be forced to leave their country because they won’t be away from Mommy,”

This mom is one of many Mexican citizens turning to the Mexican consulate for help.

They fear President Donald Trump’s proposed crack down on undocumented immigrants and its fallout.

“I came to get permission to go to Mexico,” said Juan Solis.

Juan Solis needed to renew an expired passport, so he can visit his sick brother back home in Mexico, but he’s having second thoughts.

“We expect some problems over there. A friend of mine, they take his legal papers,” said Solis.

Immigration advocates report a surge of abuse by migration officers at the border.

“They’re worried about being split up and separated from families,” said Sacramento attorney Douglas Lehrman.

Lehrman advises people facing deportation, to know their rights.

“They have their right to due process to have their case heard before an immigration judge,” said Lehrman.

For now, the unidentified mom we spoke to says she plans to continue raising her kids while preparing for the unknown.

  1. re: ““They have their right to due process to have their case heard before an immigration judge,” said Lehrman”

    True, but do you really want to waste $4,000 of your savings on a case you have no hope of winning? If you’re illegal, you’re illegal.
    This was just some immigration lawyer trying to drum up some business. To the lawyers, the Trump crackdown is the best news in a long time…it means lots of desperate clients for the courthouse.
    It’s just delaying the inevitable, hoping that the wait for court will give them another year in the country. But you’ll still be deported in the end. And paying off the lawyer, means less money to live on, back in the home country.

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