By Kurtis Ming

WHEATLAND (CBS13) — A Wheatland family worried about the 45-foot tall tree in their front yard that leans right over their bedrooms got some good news.

Lilly and Alex Ross took action and hired a tree removal company off of the website Thumbtack, but they say the company abandoned the job.

After a long struggle, another tree company stepped in to get the job done.

Their problems started when they saw the 45-foot tall in the front yard and put out a call for bids. Nauyoks Landscape and More bid $1,400 to remove the tree and asked for $600 up front. But on the day of the job, a hailstorm stopped the work. Weeks later, she says the workers returned but wanted another $400 check to show up to cover renting the tree removal equipment again. This time, wind stopped the job.

Now Nauyoks says it won’t return to finish the job.

Contractors State License Board spokesman Rick Lopes also says no legitimate company will ask you to pay to rent the equipment, and that Nauyoks wasn’t licensed.

We reached out to the company, and the woman answering the phone claimed they did the job and hung up on us. Lily says they then offered to return, but she didn’t want them to because they didn’t have a license.

But our story caught the attention of Fred Lowe, the owner of Tree Pro in Auburn. He offered to step up and finish the job for free.

“It was like an army showed up. They had four trucks, 10 guys,” Alex said. “These were professionals; more than professionals.”

The state fined Nauyoks $2,500 for contracting without a license. The company appealed the fine, but they still don’t have a license and haven’t paid the fine.

Another reason to go with a licensed company is the state requires workman’s comp insurance. If one of those workers fell, the homeowner could be sued for their injuries without that insurance.


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