By Macy Jenkins

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A community in Roseville has a unique surveillance system that’s accessible to every home on the block. It’s part of a test run by a Silicon Valley technology company called UMBO Computer Vision.

“It’s great, I think it’s great. If anything happens we just have to pull up the video and we can see who came in your neighborhood and what they’re doing,” said Vikki Thomason, who lives on Granada Pass.

“We actually have a Facebook group,” said Karl Haase, who lives near Summerhill Park. “People in this neighborhood belong to it and everyone in this group can actually access the cameras.”

Neighbors began considering a surveillance system started last year after Top Golf opened near the Summerhill Park neighborhood. Many homeowners were concerned about heavy traffic on their streets.

UMBO Computer Vision decided to donate the cameras after they found out about the community’s complaints and plans to install regular security cameras. CEO Shawn Guan offered 10 of his own instead, each with artificial intelligence technology.

“It’s not necessarily recognizing who they are as in ‘Oh, this is Mary and this is Ryan,’ but it’s picking up the type of action that’s taking place,” said Guan. “It kind of looks at the scene and figures out what’s going on, you know, if someone is walking around the neighborhood and is not supposed to be there.”

So if you see a person or car you don’t recognize, you can quickly log onto the website and take a second look.

“It just lets people know we’re watching out what’s going on,” Thomason said.

Guan hopes the test run in Roseville brings good things for this technology in the future.

“We want to see if this product will fare in communities and will people actually use it,” Guan said. “We think we can provide real value if this works out.

  1. So now people can choose who they decide belongs in the neighborhood? This is total invasion of privacy with a false sense of security.

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