FOLSOM (CBS13) – The latest on a gas leak in Folsom:

3:10 p.m. UPDATE:  A gas worker was injured during work on a natural gas transmission line, though PG&E says he was not trapped in the hole or overcome by gas fumes.

A PG&E spokeswoman says the worker was injured in an accident and at some point afterward, a gas leak happened. She did not elaborate on the accident, or what impact it may have had on the gas leak.

There is no threat to public safety.


1:05 p.m.

A Folsom Fire Department representative says a PG&E worker apparently either fell or got stuck in a hole in front of the Folsom Lake High School.

The worker then became unconscious. The gas leak was discovered shortly after, Folsom Fire says.

The worker has been transported to the hospital. Authorities still have the street in front of the school shut down.

The worker who was trapped in the hole has been taken out and transported to the hospital. (Credit: CBS13)

The worker who was trapped in the hole has been taken out and transported to the hospital. (Credit: CBS13)

School officials say the gas has been turned off and students at Folsom Lake High will be released at their normal time. However, classes will be released one at a time and parents will have to pick their children up at the old district office parking lot.

12:44 p.m. 

School district officials are now saying Folsom Lake High School is on a shelter-in-place situation, meaning teaching can continue but students can’t leave the school.

Crews are still dealing with a gas leak in the area.

12:27 p.m.

A gas leak has prompted a nearby high school to go on lockdown Monday morning.

The scene is near Folsom Lake High School. District officials say they were told utility crews were working in the area and there may have been some sort of accident that caused the leak.

Police are shutting down Riley Street in the area. Police also asked district officials to lock down the school for the time being.

Sutter Middle School, which is a little further away from the area, is not affected and has not been placed on lockdown.

More information to come.



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